The Wonders of Water

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 It’s Your Planet -Love It! -The Wonders of Water

As they dive in, the Brownies realize they can create  another big WOW as they try out new ways of working as a team. Along the way, girls experience what it is like to live in areas where there is not enough water. They come to understand the right to clean water is so important to everyone on Earth.

Brownies earn:

  • LOVE Water -This first award encourages girls to become aware of the many ways they use and enjoy water.
  • SAVE Water -The second award is earned when the Brownies team up and speak up as advocates to protect water or keep it clean in their community.
  • SHARE Water -Girls earn the third award as they create an even bigger ripple by sharing their efforts for water with others, educating and inspiring them to join in, and asking them to commit to a water promise.
  • WOW! -Girls culminate their journey by earning the WOW! Award, a grand finale that symbolizes the powerful change they've brought to their community. They earn the award by showing proof of their SHARE Water efforts, and by describing how their efforts relate to the Girl Scout Law and how they have had an impact as leaders.

Printable Meeting Guide 

Session by Session Meeting Guide

Meeting 1: Love Water

Meeting 2: Love Water (2)

Meeting 3: Save Water

Meeting 4: Share Water

Meeting 5: Share Water (2)

Meeting 6: WOW! Leadership Award