What to Bring to Camp

What to Bring to Camp

Pack in a large duffle bag or plastic tote with lid.  This way your daughter can just stuff everything back in it.  Nothing ever fits back like it did when first packed.  Put your camper’s name on all her stuff in case it finds its way to the lost and found. 

  • Medication – send all medications in original bottle or package.  Put all medication(s) in a zip lock bag and write your daughter’s name and session code on the bag.  All medications will need to be dropped off to the camp nurse at check-in.
  • Sleeping bag – sturdy outdoor type, NOT a “slumber bag”
  • Blanket – extra warmth (optional)
  • Pillow – added comfort (optional)
  • Flashlight – with extra batteries (a must have at night).  Younger girls often leave their flashlights on at night and their batteries go dead quickly.  Please make sure your daughter has plenty of batteries.
  • Clothes – pack for warm and cool weather.  Pack a clean outfit for each day of the camp session.  Send play clothes because they will get dirty or possibly torn.  You must pack 2 pairs of long pants for adventure activities. 
  • Underwear – pack 1 pair per day plus a couple of extras.  Sometimes campers have accidents.  If your camper has trouble with bed wetting, please send pull-ups or good-nites for her to wear at bedtime.
  • Socks – pack 1 pair per day plus extras.  Socks must be worn with shoes at all times.  If feet get wet, they get oucheees! 
  • Sleepwear – two piece pj’s are best.  We will have a pajama breakfast one morning where everyone shows up in their pj’s!
  • Shoes – must be worn at all times.  They must completely cover your feet (Absolutely No Sandals, Flip Flops or open toed shoes). Tennis shoes and hiking boots are always good.  Please pack an extra pair of shoes in case the other pair gets wet.
  • Water Shoes – For the lake, mud hikes and rainy day activities, we recommend old tennis shoes or purchased water shoes.  They may get very muddy and you may not want to keep them after camp. It’s always good to bring more than one pair of shoes. 
  • Jacket/Sweatshirt – sometimes the mornings and nights get chilly.
  • Bathing Suit – all bathing suits must cover your body appropriately.  Camp staff has the right to ask you to wear a t-shirt over your bathing suit if inappropriate.
  • Goggles- For use in the pool. Please include name on goggles. (optional) 
  • Sun Screen – No aerosol sprays!  Lotion or pumps are okay. Please make sure your daughter knows how to put on sun screen.  Staff will remind campers each day to put it on.  If your daughter requires help applying the sun screen please encourage her to ask someone to help her.
  • Bug Repellent – no aerosol sprays!  Lotion or pumps are okay.
  • Water Bottle – A must have.  Make sure her complete name is on the bottle.
  • Rain Gear – ponchos will keep campers drier.  If sending the cheap disposable ponchos please send more than one since they are only good for one use at camp.  Vinyl ponchos will last for many seasons and can be purchased in the camping section at most stores.  Rain jackets are good but only keep the top half dry.  No umbrellas!  Put her name on it because rain gear is worn one place and gets left because it isn’t raining when they leave.
  • Towel/wash cloth – pack a towel and wash cloth for bathing and an extra towel for the swimming pool.
  • Personal/Bath items:  Pack items in a mesh bag, bucket or beach tote that will drain water. 

Shower shoes




Feminine Hygiene Products



Soap (in a container)

Hair Ties


  • Added comfort – stuffed animal, special blanket and/or storybook.


We will have theme days during the week and here are items to bring for Theme Days:

  1. Monday:              Crazy Hat Day
  2. Tuesday:              Crazy Sock Day
  3. Wednesday:      Inside Out Day
  4. Thursday:            Stripes & Dots Day (any combination)
  5. Friday:                  Pajama Day

Leave at home:

  • ·         Cell phones – cell phones are very disruptive at camp.  They get lost or broken, inappropriate calls and texts are sometimes made and they increase homesickness.  Please do not bring them with you.  If we become aware that your camper has a cell phone, she will be asked to leave it in the camp office until her session is over.  The phone will be returned to the parent/guardian at the time of pickup.
  • ·         Laptop Computer – laptops are very expensive and we do not have internet available at camp.
  • ·         Anything valuable – Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Council is not responsible for items broken, lost or stolen while at camp.

General Camp Information

The camp is located in Morgan County, a short drive from Cave Run Lake, Camp Judy Layne’s adventure based opportunities abound in over 180 acres of beautiful woodland sitting on the ridge of the Daniel Boone National Forest.

Camper Records

All camper records must be completed as soon as possible.  These forms are now available to complete online, and links will be provided in your confirmation email.

Physical Examination – please have doctors office fax this to 859-299-3692

This is necessary for any camper attending a 6 day session only

Remaining Balance

All remaining balances are due no later than May 31st.

Health History & Consent Treat Form

Every camper, child and adult, attending camp must complete the online health history form.

Check-in Procedures

If your camper is attending a 3 day session:

  • Check-in is Sunday afternoon 5-6:00 pm or Wednesday afternoon 3-4 pm depending on your session date

If your camper is attending a 5 day session:

  • Check-in is Sunday afternoon 5-6:00 pm

If your camper is attending the Troop Camp session:

        ●     Check-in is 2-3pm Saturday

If your camper is going to be later than the check in times, please call the camp and notify the camp or assistant camp director.  If later than 6:30 pm you will need to provide dinner for them before you arrive.

Please check-in your camper at the Dining Hall. 

After you have checked-in:

  • Each camper and the parent(s)/guardian(s) will be directed to the Camp Health Center (ABC Lodge/Infirmary) for a camper screening to see if she may have any condition that might be contagious such as head lice and athletes foot.  Please check your camper before arriving and provide treatment if necessary.
  • All medications, prescribed or over-the-counter, must be left with the camp health professional.  Medication needs to be in the original bottle or packaging, and then placed in a zip lock plastic bag with the campers name printed on the bag and the name of their session.
  • Stop at the Trading Post and set up an account for your camper if you did not already do so online.  Cash, check and/or cookie dollars are accepted.  See Trading Post for more information.
  • Walk or drive your camper to her unit and say your good-byes and enjoy a safe drive home.

Check-out Procedures

If your camper is attending a 3 day session:

  •  Pick up is Tuesday evening 4 pm or Friday evening 4 pm depending on your session date. 

If you are attending a 5 day session:

  • Pick up is Friday evening at 4 pm.  A light dinner will be provided for campers.

If your camper is attending the Troop Camp session:

  • Check out is 12-1 pm Monday.  A light lunch will be provided.

If you wish to pick up your camper earlier than the set times, just call the camp and ask to speak to the camp director or assistant director.


All campers MUST check-out before leaving camp.  You will need to show your driver’s license (picture identification) at the pick-up table before we will allow you to pick up your camper.  Campers will only be allowed to leave with one of their two emergency contacts listed when registering for camp. Be sure to check lost and found.  Sometimes girls forget what they brought to camp and it ends up in the lost and found area in the Dining Hall.  The lost and found will be sent to the Lexington Service Center.  Lost and found will only be kept until August 10th.  If you put your camper’s name on all items it will minimize her lost items.


Stop by the Trading Post for those last minute purchases or to pick up unspent camper money.  If camper money is left it will be sent to the Lexington Service Center and kept until August 10, 2012.  If unclaimed by August 10, 2012, it becomes non-refundable and will be deposited into the camp account.


Trading Post

Campers visit the Trading Post at least a couple of times during their session.  The Trading Post is a place where campers can purchase t-shirts, novelty items, camping supplies, drinks and snacks. 

Personalized Group Photo:  Be sure to pre-purchase a 5 x 7 framed photo of your camper’s session for only $10.00.   Each session will be individually photographed and placed in wooden frame, each girl’s name is written on the frame, along with the session name and date.

Families may leave money at the Trading Post for their camper to purchase items while she is at camp.  We do not allow girls to keep money in their units, as it may get lost or misplaced.  Cookie Dollars are also accepted. 


Birthdays can be celebrated at camp if we are notified.  A special cake will be provided for your camper at mealtime and we will sing happy birthday to her.



What about safety?

In Girl Scouting, safety is always first – especially at camp. Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Council has a well-supervised camp program and staff. The first thing girls learn before doing any activity is the safety procedures involved. Staff are certified in First Aid and CPR and trained in emergency procedures. The Council works closely with local law enforcement agencies as well as fire departments and the U.S. Forest Service to assure campers’ safety.

The camp director monitors weather alerts, and all unit leaders carry portable walkie-talkies, which allow constant contact for emergencies. In severe inclement weather, all campers and staff go to a designated storm shelter.

Home Sickness or Behavioral Problems

If your camper hasn’t ever been away from home overnight, she might begin to miss you.  Most homesickness occurs at bedtime. We will work with your camper and try to reassure her that everything will be alright and morning will be here soon.  If we are unsuccessful, the camp director will call you and ask for your advice, recommendations or ask for you to come get her.  If your camper is sent home due to misbehavior or home sickness, no refund will be given.

If your camper is having behavioral problems and is disruptive towards herself or other campers the three strike system will be used. 

  • Strike 1:  She will be asked to stop the undesired behavior.
  • Strike 2:  She will be asked to stop the undesired behavior and removed from the group for a short period of time.
  •  Strike 3:  She will be taken to the camp director’s office and then the parent or guardian will be called for advice, recommendations or to come and pick-up their camper.

If your camper has to be sent home early due to misconduct, we expect the parent(s) or guardian(s) to come pick her up immediately.  If the camp director has to make arrangements for travel, it will be at the parent(s) or guardian(s) expense.

Where do I send mail and how can I reach the camp in an emergency?

When sending mail to your daughter; please put her name and session code on the back of the envelope.  Campers do not have access to email.

Camp address/telephone:    Camp Judy Layne                  606-768-2629      

        1489 Camp Judy Layne Road, Wellington, KY 40387

Adventure Program Manager: Kristina Rouland

Email: krouland@gswrc.org

Site Manager/Camp Director: Saundra Newton: 606-207-4443

Email: snewton@gswrc.org


                                                Directions to Camp Judy Layne

ALERT:   If you GPS the camp address and it directs you through Frenchburg on Hwy. 1274, that road is closed.  You will need to use the directions below!

From Lexington:

Take I-64 East to Farmers/Sharkey Exit 133.  Go towards Cave Run Lake off of the exit onto Rt. 801 and travel 19 miles from the exit to Camp Judy Layne Road.  You will go around the lake.  Rt. 801 becomes Rt. 1274 you will continue going straight on Rt. 1274 for approximately 6 more miles.  You will turn left onto Rt. 2023, look for the Camp Judy Layne sign on your right.  Follow this road for one mile to the camp gate.  Drive slowly down the gravel road and a staff person will direct you to parking.

From Ashland:

Take I-64 West to Farmers/Sharkey Exit 133.  Follow above directions.

From Paintsville, Prestonsburg, Pikeville, etc.

Take Rt. 23 North to I-64 Exit 191.  Follow above directions from I-64 West to Farmers/Sharkey Exit 133.  Follow above directions.

From Northern Kentucky:

Take I-75 South to the ramp I-64 East/I-75-South.  Take I-64 East to Farmers/Sharkey Exit 133.  Follow above directions.