Volunteer Screening

 Verified Volunteers


Criminal Background Check Process

Thank you for your volunteering with Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road.   For the safety and security of our members and our program, we ask that you complete a criminal background check if you are applying for a position that entails working directly with girls, handling Girl Scout or troop funds, or attending an overnight with girls.

REMEMBER! You must use the Good Deed Code at the bottom of this page to enjoy the $8 price!

The cost of this criminal background check to our service provider, Verified Volunteers, is $8.  Upon approval, your background check is valid with GSKWRC for the next four (4) years.

1.    To begin this process with Verified Volunteers, click on the link https://app.verifiedvolunteers.com/Candidates/Account/Register

2.    You will create a login and password for your account.

3.  Select “Get Verified” and when prompted enter GOOD DEED CODE specific to your area:

Position Listing Good Deed Code
Ashland xmn6n0z
Erlanger b5v4ntv
Lexington flot3td
London c9tie0a


4.    You will be asked to complete your personal information. After you submit, you will enter the necessary credit card information when prompted and click COMPLETE.