Green Dot for Girls

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In the fall of 2010 Dorothy Edwards was approached by the Kentucky Domestic Violence Abuse Association and Girl Scouts of Kentucky to begin to a collaboration to create a program for our youngest Girl Scouts – ages 5 – 8.  Green Dot for Kids. 

Core Concepts are the Red Dot, Green Dot and Blue Block.

  • Girls learn that Red Dot Ouches are verbal or physical bullying, discrimination, or harassment. 
  • Blue Blocks are obstacles that keep us from interrupting a Red Dot when it is happening. 
  • Green Dots are behaviors children and adults can do to stop a red dot while it is happening,

Girls can remember the D.O. T. 

  1. Do something yourself
  2. get others to help
  3. tell a grown-up

Girls learn actions and communication skills they can use to stop a red dot.

Key components of the program will be delivered at a Green Dot Event for Girls and include a professionally produced video, a song and activity book.  

  • The video stars Miss Sally who meets a group of girls out on a playground.  The actors are girls who are members of Daisy and Brownie troops in Kentucky's Wilderness Road and Kentuckiana councils.  The video is comprised of 4 vignettes.  The video introduces key concepts through song and discussion.  It shows girls discussing key concepts and problem solving. 
  • There is a song that the girls learn that maybe you could describe as catchy – if you like the Barney song.
  •  Video vignettes of red dots that are used to increase girl’s skills in recognizing all forms of aggression and bullying.
  •  There are also video vignettes of green dot actions that demonstrate for girls a series of bystander intervention options. 
  • Another key component of the program is the Green Dot for Kids Activity Book that reinforces key concepts and provides age appropriate activities for skills practice.  You have a copy of page 11 from the booklet. 
  • After girls attend the Green Dot event Girl Scout leaders will engage girls in an additional 6 hours of Booster Activities at the troop meeting.  This is 
  • another important component - the 1 ½ hour Girl Scout Leader Training.  Leaders receive the Green Dot Booster Bag to enable them to share the hands on Booster Activities. 
  • Girls earn this patch when they complete 6 hours in Green Dot Booster activities.