Shop and Share is February 2nd!

Take a look at what stores still need volunteers!


We have promised to help First Lady Jane Beshear serve the domestic violence abuse shelters by collecting donations at Kroger and Food City stores. 

The event is less than two weeks away and we have lots of stores yet to cover.


About 80 leaders have gone on the first lady’s website and volunteered themselves and girls for 2 hours to collect the items that shoppers are donating to the shelters.  Thank you!  Thank you!


Your girls can earn the Shop and Share Kroger Patch.  Girls who volunteered last year will receive the new 2nd year Rocker Patch.  There is a report form on the last page of the leader guide on the website. 


There are a lot more stores to cover.  Please talk to your troop this week and then register to help the first lady collect $1 million dollars worth of needed supplies such as paper towels, cleaning supplies, baby items and other things.  All you have to do is sit up front and ask people to donate and then collect the donations.  Each Kroger has a list of the supplies that the shelters are requesting.  Other volunteers will load the donations at the end of the day and take it to the shelter. 

Some stores have a spot or two to fill and others do not have any volunteers.  Please take the time to look at the list and volunteer today. 


When you register, PLEASE also type in GS or GSTroop 123!!


Here are the stores that still need volunteers as of January 23, 2013

Bell County Kroger Store

Boone County Kroger Stores (3 stores )

Boyd County Kroger Store

Boyle County Kroger Store

Campbell Kroger County Stores (2 stores)

Fayette County Kroger Stores (11 stores)

Franklin County Kroger Store

Greenup County Kroger Store

Harlan County Food City Stores (2 stores)

Jessamine County Kroger Stores (2 stores)

Kenton County Kroger Stores (5 stores)

Knox County Kroger Stores (2 stores)

Laurel County Kroger Stores (2 stores)

Lawrence County Food City Store

Letcher County Food City Store

McCreary County Kroger Store

Mercer County Kroger Store

Montgomery County Kroger Store

Nelson County Kroger Store

Perry County Food City Store

Pulaski County Kroger Stores (2 stores)

Russell County Kroger Store

Wayne County Kroger Store