Journeys are the main Girl Scout resource. They are easy to use, include great activities and are fully customizable to fit your girls interests and needs.   The Girls Guide to Girl Scouting complements the Journeys and adds additional fun to the program.

The first half of the adult guide includes general Girl Scout and Journey topic information. The actual Journey activities start half way through the book (around page 20) with the sample sessions. This is where the fun begins!

The girl book from the Journey is just that for the girls. It is very important to remember that the girl book does not always follow the Adult How to Guide. The actual Journey program is all in the adult guide.

There are activities in the Adult How to Guide that sometimes focuses on certain pages of the girl book but the two books do not follow each other page by page. The girl book is designed for the girls to take home, read through, do the individual activities, etc. They should bring the book to meetings in case the meeting activities do focus on any of the group activities in the girl book.

Daisy  Brownie  Junior  Cadette  Senior  Ambassador