EQT Foundation Awards Grant to Girl Scouts for STEM Program

The EQT Foundation awarded a $9,800 grant to Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road for a Girl Scout STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) Program Series for economically disadvantaged girls in the Appalachian region of Kentucky in 2012. The Girl Scout STEM Program series engages girls in fun, hands-on STEM activities to help girls understand the importance of science, math and technology in their everyday lives and begin seeing themselves as futures scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

Close to 200 girls participated in the Girl Scout STEM program at 5 locations in Breathitt, Floyd, Johnson and Perry counties.  The STEM Program Series was provided at the following schools: Meade Memorial Elementary (Johnson County); Jackson Elementary (Breathitt County); and Willard and Robinson Elementary (Perry County). Girl Scouts partnered with the Christian Appalachian Project to provide the STEM program series during a summer program at Camp Shawnee in Floyd County. 

Girl Scout staff engaged girls in fun and challenging STEM activities from our Get Moving! leadership journey curriculum to teach girls about energy. Girls worked in small groups to complete the hands-on activities. To learn about wind energy, girls built pin wheels, airplanes and wind-propelled cars to race in the Windy 500. They learned how to build circuits using a clothespin, battery and Christmas lights to make lightning bugs. They replaced the battery with tuber vegetables, like potatoes and carrots, to learn how natural gas can be created. By building marble racers, Girl Scout learned how to operate a car with alternative energy to electricity. They also learned how to use their own personal energy to increase their physical activity in fun ways.   


We are so excited that our Girls are excelling in STEM! We look forward to provided more and more STEM programs in the future!