Daisy Leaders

Daisy Leaders


Thank you for volunteering to work with Girl Scout Daisies! Girl Scout Daisies are girls in Kindergarten through 1st Grade

What Does A Daisy Troop Leader Do?

As a troop volunteer, you’ll serve as a partner and role model to girls. You’ll also work closely with parent/guardians of girls in your troop, with other local volunteers who have “been there, done that” and with council staff.  You will make a profound difference in the lives of the girls in your troop and they will change your life, too!  Please explore this page to learn more about the Girl Scout Daisy program.

Safety First!

Two registered and screened adults must be present at all times when working with girls, and at least one of those volunteers must be female and not related to the other adult. Make sure that you always have the appropriate adult-to-girl ratio when supervising girls at group meetings and for events, travel, and camping.

Girl Scout Daisy Adult-to-Girl Ratio Minimums

Group Meetings:


Two unrelated adults (at least one of whom is female) for this number of girls

Plus one adult for each additional number of girls

Two unrelated adults (at least one of whom is female) for each number of girls

Plus one adult for each additional number of girls





Involve the Parents/Guardians and Family Members to Help the Troop

As on any Girl Scout journey, you don’t have to do everything alone!  Many hands make light work, and the role is more fun when it’s shared. Involve friends and family as troop volunteers or ask girls’ families  to help. Click here to learn all of the different roles parents can play within a troop.

The position you will want to recruit right away is your troop treasurer as they will help you open a troop bank account.  Once you have found adults to fill the troop roles, ensure that any volunteers you recruit are screened and registered members and ready to get started!

Beyond the Troop Meeting

When your troop is ready to try new things like sell cookies, nuts, and magazines, and when they are ready to venture out on field trips, outings, overnights, and camping, there are a few safety and training requirements you should be aware of.  These are excellent opportunities for troop volunteers to help.  Ensure that any volunteers that your recruit to fill these roles are screened and registered members who follow the Girl Scout safety guidelines at all times.

Before Going Away From the Meeting Place for Outings, Short Trips & Overnights

  • Make sure you have the support of parent volunteers.  You will need troop driver(s) and troop chaperone(s).   Refer to the Trip Chaperones page for a complete list of training requirements and resources.  Make sure you have enough chaperones to meet the Safety Wise girl/adult ratio for Girl Scout Daisies.
  • Before taking a trip the Troop Leader and Co-leader should have completed their online courses:  Girl Scouting 101 and Daisy Troop Essentials.
  • Review and download the Safety Activity Checkpoints for the activity that you will be doing.
  • When reviewing the Safety Activity Checkpoint for the activity, consider if this activity is appropriate for the age and experience of a Girl Scout Daisy
  • Submit a Troop Trip Approval Form.  Detailed information and procedures can be found on this form.
  • A first aider is required for all trips.  A first aider should be an adult who taken an approved First Aid/CPR training.  The following health care providers may also serve as first-aiders:  physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, paramedic, military medic, dentist or emergency medical technician.
  • Here are other forms that may be helpful in planning your trip:  Planning Trips with Girl Scouts Resource Guide 3-8, Transportation of Girl Scout Driver Information 6-38, Participant Agreement for Adults 1-80, and Participant Agreement for Girls 1-81.  These forms are not required but serve as a resource if you wish to use them. 

Before Cooking or Sleeping Outdoors

Kentucky’s Wilderness Road has two levels of camp training.

1.     The first is called Out & AboutThis training consists of three short online trainings with a 2.5 hour skill session.  At the end of this course, you are certified to rent a modern facility at Kentucky’s Wilderness Road camps and have a program campfire.  Girls must stay in facilities with kitchens and bathrooms and cannot do any outdoor cooking.  This course is particularly good for Girl Scout Daisies because it can serve as an introduction to outdoor experiences.

2.     The second is called Troop Camp Certification.  This training consists of three short online trainings with an overnight at camp.  This training session covers outdoor cooking, sanitation, fire building, tent care, outdoor programming, and many other skills that will enable you to take your troop on an overnight camping experience.  Out & About is not a prerequisite for Troop Camp Certification.   

Before planning an outdoor experience: 

  • Recruit a troop camping certified adult - Refer to this page for a complete list of training requirements and resources.
  • Troop camping certified adults must take: Girl Scouting 101
  • Review and download the Safety Activity Checkpoints for Outdoor Cooking, Group Camping, and Hiking or any other activity you will be doing.
  • Recruit a first aider. First aiders are required for troop camping. Make sure someone in your troop who is going on the camping trip is certified
    • Submit a Troop Trip Approval Form.  And follow any necessary travel procedures for your trip.
    • Review the council camping policies. 

Before Participating in Product Sales

  • Recruit a fall product sale manager for the Fall Sale.  Refer to this page for a complete list of training requirements and resources.
  • Recruit a cookie sale manager.  Refer to this page for a complete list of training requirements and resources. 
  • The Fall Product Sale Manager must take Fall Product Sale Training.
  • Review and download the Safety Activity Checkpoint for Product Sales.

Resources for Daisy Troop Leaders

  • Volunteer Essentials Resource Guide
  • VE – Safety Wise, Chapter 4
  • VE –Managing Group Finance, Chapter 5
  • Council Volunteer Policies and Practices
  • Council Program Policies and Standards
  • Travel and Trip Procedures - including process for high adventure activities and approved vendors
  • Safety - including Safety Activity Checkpoints, adult-to-girl-ratios, and first aid kits
  • Insurance - including purchasing extra insurance for non-registered siblings and family members at Girl Scout activities

Courses for Daisy Troop Leaders

New troop leaders should take these courses before meeting with girls for the first time.

  • Welcome to Girl Scouts  - classroom, go to the council  Training Calendar and locate local classes.  Don’t see a class that fits your schedule?  Contact Volunteer Services to connect you with a facilitator. 

These courses are online

  • Girl Scouting 101
  • Daisy Troop Essentials

Take Courses Online

Quick Start Guide for Daisy Troop Leaders

Just click on the Daisy button for tons of information and resources just for you!


Learn More About The Girl Scout Leadership Experience

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