Cookies & Nuts

Through Girl Scouting, girls become leaders in their daily lives and prepare for their bright futures! Girl Scout Product Activities, such as the Girl Scout Cookie Program and the selling of nuts and/or magazines through licensed vendors provide important ingredients for leadership by helping girls develop five key skills:

  • Goal Setting,
  • Decision Making,
  • Money Management,
  • People Skills and 
  • Business Ethics.

Girls also are able to earn money towards fun and exciting girl-planned program activities, as well as to contribute to their council's ability to provide Girl Scouting in the community.

This page is a one-stop directory for parents, girls, and adults working in partnership with girls — including links to important resources, with the latest safety guidelines and online marketing, tips for adults and parents, and the 2011-12 Cookie Sale Pin, which can be earned by all girls participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

The Girl Scout Cookie Activity Pin 

The Girl Scout Cookie Activity Pin 2011-2012All girls who participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program are eligible to earn the annual Cookie Activity Pin, which recognizes the "5 skills" learned and practiced during the sale. Girls can collect a different colored pin every year to recognize growth in these 5 skill areas. After she earns the pin, each girl should be able to discuss how she has earned it. Read more about the Cookie Activity Pin for Girl Scout Brownies to Ambassadors - English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Just for Adults!
Adults act as coaches who help girls develop leadership skills by using these three processes:

  • Girl-led: Girls play an active part in figuring out the what, where, when, how, and why of their activities. They lead the planning and decision-making as much as possible.
  • Learning by doing: Girls engage in continuous cycles of action and reflection that result in deeper understanding of concepts and mastery of practical skills.
  • Cooperative learning: Girls work together toward shared goals in an atmosphere of respect and collaboration that encourages the sharing of skills, knowledge, and learning.

As always, safety is our primary concern when girls are doing any activity, including using the Internet. Girls and their parents cannot make financial transactions online with Girl Scout product; however, girls can market product and ask for customer preferences, following up with the customer in person if he or she indicates they want to purchase product.

Note that Girl Scout Product Activity Checkpoints and the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge apply to all council product sales (cookies, nuts and candy, magazines), with one exception. Customers may submit orders and online payment for magazines, because product is not handled directly by the girl. Girls send out e-mails in a protected environment to customers, who then choose magazines online. Offline sales materials are also available for magazines, as this function may not be available in your council. (Note: This fall, both nut vendors are in the second year of an online pilot with a limited number of councils. Girls and adults must follow the specific guidelines given to them by their council if participating in a pilot project.)