Brownie Girl Scout, Mercedes Isles, Awarded the Medal of Honor Lifesaving Award!

On June 16, at an afternoon pool party with her family, a young Girl Scout saved the life of her cousin, Jacob.   At the end of the day all of the children were out of the pool and were in the process of being dried off. 7 year old Mercedes, a Brownie Girl Scout and good swimmer, was still in the pool. The adults were distracted packing up to leave and discussing the day when 2 year old Jacob jumped in the 4 foot deep section of the pool.  By the time the adults recognized what had happened Mercedes had grabbed Jacob and held him up above the water.  Mercedes was able to swim him over to the edge where her grandfather pulled him out. 

Once the adults calmed down and realized that everyone was alright, Jacob looked at up and said, “Whew that was close. Sadie (Mercedes) saved me”.  In return, Sadie said, “All I knew was that I had to keep his head above water.” The mother of Jacob states “I will be forever grateful that Sadie was there to catch my son when he decided to make that dangerous decision”.


GSUSA has awarded Mercedes Isles the Medal of Honor Lifesaving Award.  It is given to Girl Scouts who save a life without risk to the candidate’s own life.