Between Earth and Sky

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It’s Your Planet, Love It! –Between Earth and Sky

Girl Scout Daisies join their flower friends for a cross country road trip in their special flower powered car!

Daisies earn:

  • The Blue Bucket Award-girls become aware of their feelings and the feelings of those around them.
  • The Firefly Award-girls recognize and develop their skills and then choose a skill they will educate and inspire others about.
  • The Clover Award-girls team up to protect a natural treasure in their region.
  • This award includes a background patch

Printable Meeting Guide: 

Session by Session Meeting Guide:

Meeting 1: Getting Ready for the Road

Meeting 2: Road Trip Begins

Meeting 3: You, Me, How Different We Can Be

Meeting 4: Living the Law and So Many Seeds

Meeting 5: Special Skills, and Textures, Too

Meeting 6: We have Special Skills and So Do Plants

Meeting 7: In the Land of Milk and Cheese

Meeting 8: When the Flowers Meet the Trees

Meeting 9: Protecting a Natural Treasure

Meeting 10: On the Road to New Adventures