Be Safe, Not Sorry

Every registered Girl Scout member (girl and adult) is covered by a basic accident insurance plan.  The plan is designed to help pay medical expenses if an accident occurs during a supervised Girl Scout activity.  Trained Girl Scout volunteers are at every meeting, and adult/girl ratios are set to ensure your daughter’s needs and safety will be met.

Every troop receives Safety-Wise, a Girl Scouts of the USA publication that helps girls and their leaders plan safe, age-appropriate activities.  Safety-Wise also details how girls’ adventures and experiences should progress as they grow older, and helps adult volunteers determine if an activity is well-suited for their girls.

Like you, we want to make sure your daughter has a positive adult role model as a troop leader.  This council appoints troop leaders who have completed a screening process and require all leaders to complete training within 4 months of appointment.

Next Steps...

Please take the following steps to help insure your daughter’s experience is positive:

  • Complete the Health History form you received and return it to the troop leader with up-to-date emergency contact information.
  • Complete and sign the Girl Scout Registration form and return it with payment to the troop leader.  All members are covered by a basic insurance policy, so it is important that participants turn in their registration forms and national membership dues.
  • Return all permission slips promptly.  In order to ensure your daughter’s safety, her leader needs a signed parent permission slip for activities outside of meetings.
  • If you will be driving for the troop on field trips, it is recommended you become a registered Girl Scout.  This way you will be covered by the council’s liability, medical, accident, and non-council owned vehicle liability insurance.
  • Please don’t bring your daughter’s siblings to Girl Scout troop meetings or field trips unless there is a specific, supervised program planned for them.  These children aren’t covered by the Activity Accident Insurance.