3 Cheers for Animals

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It’s Your Story, Tell it! -5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals

The story telling theme of the newest Daisy Journey offers a fun and friendly way for girls to understand themselves and their potential. 3 Cheers for Animals!  Invites girls to learn how much they can care for animals and for themselves.

  • Birdbath Award-Girls name one way they can care for animals and one way they can care for themselves.
  • Red Robin Award-Girls choose animal care tips to share with others and then tell this “story of animal care” in a creative way with a Red Robin Project.
  • Tula Award-Girls share with one another the good feelings they experienced as they taught others in their community about animal care.
  • This award includes a background patch.

Printable Meeting Guide 

Session by Session Meeting Guide

Meeting 1: Starting Our Animal Adventure

Meeting 2: Caring that Counts

Meeting 3: Tail Tales

Meeting 4: All Creatures, Great and Special

Meeting 5: Out and About with Animals (Field Trip)

Meeting 6: A Postcard is Worth a Thousand Words

Meeting 7: Inspired by Animals

Meeting 8: What Animals Tell Us

Meeting 9: Teaching Other with Confidence! 

Meeting 10: Many Skills to Learn

Meeting 11: The Final Celebration: Celebrate our Learning!